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This Premium Red Borneo is the most matured of all kratom strains. It's a purposely late harvest to allow abundant sunlight exposure that makes the kratom leaf veins turn into a beautiful red pigmentation. The drying process begins indoors to conserve the plant profile and is finished off outside with additional sunlight before processing. The result is a red vein kratom that is potent and packs a punch; translating into overall wellbeing and vitality.

Premium Red Borneo Capsules

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$15.29Sale Price
  • Our Premium Kratom strains come from the exotic and mystical Borneo Island, located between Malaysia and Indonesia. Home to one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world estimated at 140 million years old, this rich environment provides the perfect combination of climate and soil to grow the most unique and effective Kratom available. Our local farmers harvest the leaves through a proprietary process that fully captures the plant’s essence to ensure elevated alkaloid content and potency.

    This strain lives to its hype and appeal with deep red-colored veins. We cultivate our Premium Red Borneo Kratom directly from its natural river path for which it is thought to acquire its powerful potency. For decades plants have always been a natural source of well-being and vitality, and our Premium Red Borneo delivers a sophisticated long-lasting effect.

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