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Our Science
Natural Process

It all starts with a very special relationship with our farmers. A partnership that has allowed us to source high-quality plants for you, and at the same time help improve the lives of an unprivileged farming community. Our process can be uniquely described as Seed to Shelf, and we believe this level of commitment sets SOL Botanicals apart and makes a difference in your health and wellness.


All the plants we use and process must exceed our standards for purity. Beyond visual and tactile inspections, laboratory tests are conducted to ensure the herbs are absent of heavy metal toxicity, pesticides, and other chemical contaminates.


Our industry expertise and methodology ensures the fullest possible expression of all our plants. We do rigorous testing to ensure our product packs the right alkaloid content and exact protein ratios for the most efficient and potent herbal profile nature provides.


As our herbs move through the production process, we are committed to the safety and efficacy of our product. Sustainable sourcing, consistent extraction methodology, and final concentration ratio in accordance to the herbal properties is our objective.  

Kratom Leaf

Our commitment to you is unrivaled.

We are rooted in nature and our philosophy is the pillar in which we stand to bring wellness into your life. 

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